Frequently Asked Questions

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Why use a celebrant?
With a celebrant you can get married anywhere, the beach, your garden, in a hot air balloon; wherever your imagination takes you. You can create your own ceremony with no limitations on what you may want to express to each other with real meaning. You can incorporate children, friends, anyone you wish. With a celebrant you can truly have the ceremony of your dreams.
Why use a celebrant and not a registrar?
A registrar is limited to a short time and you can only have certain things said in your ceremony. With a celebrant you can create whatever your dreams desire within your ceremony and not forget to include anyone within that. You can also get married at any location your imagination takes you.
When you decide to have a wedding ceremony, how do you find the right celebrant?
Searching for your celebrant can be daunting and you do need to feel a connection with the person who will conduct your ceremony. Start with calling at least five celebrants and listen to the way they speak. Ask yourself if you like there voice, tone and manner. The initial phone conversation can tell you a lot about a person and you will get a instinctive first feeling about the celebrant. Your ceremony is the most important part of your day; there are excellent celebrants and unsatisfactory celebrants. It is important you meet with your celebrant and discuss how they will work with you. Your celebrant should offer you quality time to create your ceremony and rehearsal times. Make sure when you have the first conversation with your celebrant to check availability of date and time.
Can you meet your celebrant before you make your decision?
This is something we recommend at I do you do we do. You need to feel happy and comfortable with the person who is going to conduct your ceremony. You will know if you have warmed to him/her. Do not feel after face-face meeting that you have to go ahead with this celebrant. 
What does a celebrant wear?
You can request that your celebrant wears whatever you want. I am happy to dress in the same colours as the bridal party or in smart attire or in a particular outfit. You want the focus on you so we advise that you request your celebrant not to stand out at your ceremony. 
Can we have our ceremony at any time of the day or night?

You can have your ceremony at anytime you want the worlds your oyster! 


When should we book our celebrant?
As soon as possible! Most celebrants are booked out a year in advance. You can book at late notice and we will work with you to create your perfect ceremony under limited time. 


What are your fees?
The ceremony component is probably the lowest cost of your whole day so don’t spoil your day to save a few pounds. Have the celebrant that you loved the most. At the most there should only be £100 difference or thereabouts between celebrants. We offer tailored ceremonies down to every little detail. You will receive:

  • A consultation meeting.
  • A second consultation meeting if required.
  • Unlimited calls, emails and Skype meetings.
  • 24 hour support and guidance.
  • Provided with numerous poems and readings.
  • Examples of vows and ceremonies.
  • A tailored ceremony created just for you.
  • A beautiful certificate.
  • Rehearsal of your ceremony with your bridal party.


Our fees for a bespoke ceremony:

Fees depend on location, how many rehersals and length of ceremony; 50% non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking. A booking form must be completed and emailed or posted back to guarantee your booking. Balances outstanding must be paid 4 weeks prior to ceremony date. Please note that depending on travel expenses this fee may change. Most locations are set a fee.

What time will I arrive at your ceremony?
I will arrive an hour before the start time of your ceremony and leave when no longer required. 
How many ceremonies do you conduct in a day?
Your ceremony is the most important of that day and only one will be held that day. 


Can I choose what you put into our ceremony?
You can choose anything you want to put in your ceremony. I will give you advice and guide you on vows and readings but this is your ceremony and we will create it the way you want just for you!
Are wedding planners only for wealthy people?
Anyone can have a wedding planner. We are here for anyone who would like a beautiful wedding and that may need help and guidance regardless of your budget.  
How much does a Wedding Planner cost?
We create a bespoke package for you that will fit into your budget. 
Can we get discounts on suppliers?
We have excellent contacts in the industry and we always find the supplier right for your budget and pass on any discounts.
Your venue has an in-house wedding coordinator; do you need a wedding planner?
An in house wedding coordinator has a priority to the venue and are not responsible for helping you in the lead up to the wedding day. They also cannot offer assistance to weddings that are conducted outside the reception venue.
Where can your ceremony be held?
Anywhere your imagination takes you! From your home to the beach by the ocean, or in the woods, it is completely limitless!  
Do you perform second marriages?
Absolutely, we do not treat second marriages any differently to a first marriage. 
How do we arrange the legal registration?
At present in England and Wales only registrars can legally complete the paperwork for the marriage documents. This part remains separate to your wedding ceremony.

You can arrange to visit your local register office to formalise the paperwork. You can do this before your wedding ceremony, on the day, or days before, or even after your ceremony celebration. If the venue where we are holding your ceremony is licensed you can pay for the registrar to come to this venue, and follow straight into your ceremony. You do not have to exchange rings with the registrar and it can be as straight forward as a few lines and a signature. Most couples do this wearing just jeans and have no guests attending at the Register Office. Your guests will not even know your bespoke wedding ceremony does not include the legal registration.

How do you arrange the Legal Registration?

Call your local Register Office. The costs vary depending on which office you will attend. But expect to pay £100-£200.

  • An authority for the marriage is issued by the Superintendent Registrar, and you are free to get married in any district by submitting your completed marriage notice forms to the Registrar of Marriages in the area of your choice for marriage.
  • Arrange your legal marriage ceremony whenever you want – before or after your wedding ceremony – on the day itself, or a day or two before.
  • The marriage ceremony at the Register Office will take approximately 10 minutes.
  • You will be required to repeat a legal declaration.
  • You do have to not exchange rings. This will be done after saying your vows at the Wedding Celebration Ceremony.
  • The marriage register is signed by you both and your two witnesses.
Why choose Ailsa?
I am a trained celebrant and a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants. As your celebrant, if you choose to use me, I want you to have the day of your dreams. I will work with you with no time restraints to create what you envision in your minds, to make your ceremony a reality on the day. I want your day to be personal to you and your loved ones and we together will create a bespoke ceremony that will reflect the meaning of love and your celebration.

It would be a privilege to be part of your day, one of the most important times in your lives. With this I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.


Are you affiliated to any beliefs?
I am not affiliated to any religion, but I do have one belief and that is all ceremonies are about love and you deserve the most memorable day. Religious elements can be included into any ceremony if you wish.

We are a part of your big day, and so you need to feel a connection with me!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I am always happy to talk and respond to any of your unanswered questions. I always recommend that you should speak to your celebrant before booking them.